View-Master : A tech-friendly & money-friendly VR Viewer

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 12.55.08 PM.png

First of all, the device is very cheap! Less than 20 bucks. The risk of investment is as low as trying a new restaurant.

A View-Master works with a smartphone and a mobile app. Those mobile apps are free and compatible either on Android and IOS. The apps are all well-designed, even though you need pay for the complete version after trying a small demos. It is a good chance to see a good amount of possibilities of interactions in the VR experience, like exploring architecture, undersea wildlife, virtual museums, the era of dinosaurs, games, and etc. (In the image below, I screen-grabbed the apps I tried through View-Master. )


Secondly, it is a good device if you are have technophobia towards new fancy but fuzzy tech words. It is very interaction-friendly and kid-friendly.

However, as a visual designer, honestly, the look and feel of the 3D visuals are still not quite visually satisfying. Surrounded by high-fidelity video games and Marvel movies, the 3D visual executions haven’t reached my expectations.

It is still worthy to try the device. I believe more and more 3D Visual Designers will be involved and contribute more appealing visuals.